Open-PvP ~490 RP + 222 ED + 750 TC to cover World Transfer !


Open PvP


Royal Paladin




129/104, 33 mlvl



Loyalty Points:




More details

599,00 $


Hireling, Ferumbras Exercise Dummy, Gilded Imbuing Shrine & Shiny Reward Shrine paid for Tibia Coins !

- Dodge, Poison, Wound, Freeze, Zap & Curse Charms Bought !

- 380 Charm Points !

750 Tibia Coins to cover World Transfer price !

4000+ Gnome Rep ! Free enter to WZ 1,2,3 !

Citizen rank of Rathleton !

Secondchars on account222 ED, 109 MS, 108 MS, 69 ED, 54 EK, 50 MS, 49 MS

Outfits & Adddons:  Full Poltergeist, Full Citizen, Full Hunter, Mage 1st, Full Knight, Full Summoner, Full Warrior, Full Barbarian,
Full Wizard, Full Oriental, Full Pirate, Full Assassin, Shaman, Full Norseman, Full Nightmare, Full Jester,
Full Demon Hunter, Yalaharian 1st, Full Warmaster, Full Wayfarer, Full Afflicted, Deepling, Insectoid 1st,
Crystal Warlord 2nd, Full Soil Guardian, Full Demon Outfit, Dream Warden 1st, Full Glooth Engineer,
Rift Warrior, Festive Outfit 1st, Battle Mage, Full Dream Warrior, Percht Raider

Mounts: Haze, Widow Queen, Racing Bird, Draptor, Blazebringer, Uniwheel, War Horse, Kingly Deer, Tamed Panda,
Scorpion King, Ironblight, Magma Crawler, Dragonling, Gnarlhound, Water Buffalo, Ursagrodon, Walker,
Mole, Lacewing Moth, Hibernal Moth, Cold Percht Sleigh, Bright Percht Sleigh, Dark Percht Sleigh


- Each account comes with Equipment, starting cash and supply that are in pictures.

- Each account comes with a Registration changed and new Recovery Key.

- Before paying for account please contact me first via Livechat/E-mail.

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