Optional-PvP ~840-850 MS with Feru Hat !


Optional PvP


Master Sorcerer




128 mlvl



Loyalty Points:




More details

2 299,00 $


3rd Prey Slot paid for Tibia Coins !

Hireling paid for Tibia Coins !

Ferumbras Exercise Dummy & over 50 house decos paid for Tibia Coins !

Poison, Wound, Freeze, Zap, Curse & Enflame Charms Bought !

320 Charm Points !

1400+ Gnome Rep ! Free enter to WZ 1,2,3 !

Squire rank of Rathleton !

Secondchars on account190 ED, 115 RP

Outfits & Adddons:  Full Mage, Elementalist 1st, Full Entrepreneur, Full Chaos Acolyte, Full Ranger,
Full Ceremonial Garb, Full Spirit Caller, Full Royal Pumpkin, Full Trophy Hunter,
Retro Warrior, Full Sun Priest, Full Siege Master, Full Mercenary, Full Knight,
Full Nobleman, Full Druid, Full Wizard, Oriental, Full Pirate, Full Assassin,
Norseman, Full Demon Hunter, Warmaster, Wayfarer, Full Demon Outfit, Full Dream Warden,
Rift Warrior, Full Festive Outfit, Battle Mage, Full Dream Warrior, Percht Raider,
Hand of the Inquistion, Full Citizen, Hunter 2nd

Mounts: Shadow Draptor, Floating Kashmir, Emerald Waccoon, Flitterkatzen, Jungle Saurian,
Ebony Tiger, Lady Bug, Manta Ray, Ironblight, Magma Crawler, Dragonling, Water Buffalo,
Ursagrodon, Noble Lion, Shock Head, Walker, Sparkion, Stone Rhino, Mole, Lacewing Moth,
Cold Percht Sleigh, Bright Percht Sleigh, Dark Percht Sleigh, Muffed Snowman, Widow Queen,
Racing Bird, Black Sheep, Midnight Panther, Draptor, Tin Lizzard, Blazebringer,
Rapid Boar, Undead Cavebear, Donkey, Tiger Slug, Uniwheel, Crystal Wolf, Kingly Deer,
Tamed Panda, Dromedary, Scorpion King


- Each account comes with Equipment, starting cash and supply that are in pictures.

- Each account comes with a Registration changed and new Recovery Key.

- Before paying for account please contact me first via Livechat/E-mail.

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