Optional-PvP ~631 EK + 290 RP + 249 ED + 176 MS


Optional PvP


Elite Knight




114/111, 11 mlvl



Loyalty Points:



Yes(using express)

More details

849,00 $


- Dodge, Wound, Freeze, Zap & Parry Charms Bought !

- 460 Charm Points !

- 1400+ Gnome Rep !

- 11 Boss Points !

- Demon OAK Quest to do ! 6401/6666 Demons Killed !

- Citizen rank of Rathleton !

Secondchars on account:  290 RP, 249 ED, 176 MS

Elite Knight:

Outfits & Adddons:  Retro Warrior, Battle Mage, Dream Warrior, Percht Raider, Full Citizen, Hunter 2nd, Full Knight,
Full Nobleman, Summoner 1st, Full Warrior, Druid 1st, Wizard 2nd, Oriental, Full Nightmare,
Full Demon Hunter, Yalaharian, Warmaster, Wayfarer, Full Afflicted, Crystal Warlord 2nd,
Soil Guardian 2nd, Demon Outfit 1st, Full Dream Warden, Rift Warrior

Mounts: Undead Cavebear, War Horse, Scorpion King, Gnarlhound, Water Buffalo, Sparkion, Cold Percht Sleight,
Bright Percht Sleigh, Dark Percht Sleigh, Widow Queen, Draptor, Blazebringer, Stampor

Royal Paladin:

Outfits & Adddons:  Full Assassin, Full Norsewoman, Full Brotherhood, Full Demon Hunter, Yalaharian, Warmaster,
Full Wayfarer, Full Afflicted, Demon Outfit 1st, Full Dream Warden, Rift Warrior, Festive Outfit 1st,
Full Citizen, Full Hunter, Oriental, Pirate

Mounts: The Hellgrip, Shock Head, War Bear, Blazebringer, Tiger Slug, Gnarlhound, Water Buffalo, Ursagrodon

Elder Druid:

Outfits & Adddons:  Full Assassin, Full Demon Hunter, Yalaharian, Warmaster, Dream Warden 1st, Percht Raider, Oriental

Mounts: Blazebringer, War Horse, Tamed Panda

Master Sorcerer:

Outfits & Adddons:  Full Barbarian, Druid 1st, Full Wizard, Full Oriental, Pirate, Full Assassin, Beggar, Full Shaman,
Full Norseman, Full Nightmare, Jester 1st, Full Demon Hunter, Yalaharian, Full Warmaster, Wayfarer,
Full Afflicted, Elementalist, Deepling, Full Crystal Warlord, Full Soil Guardian, Demon Outfit,
Festive Outfit, Percht Raider, Full Citizen, Full Hunter, Full Nobleman, Full Summoner, Full Warrior

Mounts: Midnight Panther, Draptor, Kingly Deer, Lady Bug, Dragonling, Noble Lion, Walker, War Bear


- Each account comes with Equipment, starting cash and supply that are in pictures.

- Each account comes with a Registration changed and new Recovery Key.

- Before paying for account please contact me first via Livechat/E-mail.

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