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So what makes MMOG-Store the best place to buy Tibia accounts? All of our Tibia accounts are carefully investigated, coming with a safe registration change, a clean payments history and a new recovery keys. This ensures that our accounts are the safest on the market.

I am a firm believer in transparency and honesty, so below you will find the reasons of why it’s truly the best and safest place to buy a Tibia accounts. If any of your questions are not answered below then check out our FAQ section.

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Customer Safety when Buying a Tibia Account

We do everything in our power to ensure that your details and payment information are as secure as possible – meaning there is no risk at all in buying a Tibia account from us. Most account sellers do not have a high respect for customer safety and security, so please make sure you always check the following wherever you buy a Tibia account to ensure your safety and security.

HTTPS Secured Website

HTTPS Secured Website

Our website is secured by HTTPS, meaning that all information that you provide to us is fully secured and encrypted to the highest possible standards. This prevents third parties from intercepting your information and using it for fraudulent purposes. It’s good practice to ensure that any website you buy anything from is secured by HTTPS.

Tibia Store

All account details provided

Many Tibia account sellers will sell you an account then refuse to provide you with the recovery information. They will then use this information to recover the account themselves and re-sell it to another unsuspecting buyer. We are different. We give you all recovery details possible so you can always recover the account yourself should you forget your password or are hacked by someone. We believe that if you buy the account then you deserve to know all the information. Just check our selling threads, hundreds of sold accounts without a single complaint about someone ending up hacked or scammed!

Secure Payments

Secure Payments

We use safe e-wallets and payment providers, so we have no access to your payment details. Everything is handled safely by the most trusted and respected payment providers. This ensures customer safety and does not require you to put your card details into our website.

Instant Delivery

Instant Delivery

Whenever you buy a Tibia Account from it will be delivered instantly, after completing your purchase if I am online through LifeChat. Each of the listed accounts on our page is fully safe and ready for to be purchased.



Other account sellers claim to offer a guarantee but when it comes to replacing your account or offer a refund then problems start to occur. I am the only site offering fully refunds on any tibia account order that includes: account price, gold, tibia coins and extra services bought from me on your account during registration change process, in case you lose control over account (recovery key on account will be exchanged).

Lifetime support

Lifetime support provides a lifetime support for all Tibia Accounts purchased. Got a problem? We provides support by email and live chat – more than any other tibia store! Since the start of MMOG-Store, I am the only owner and only point of contact, mean you are always dealing with me. I could easy verify our chat logs, history of deals and reply to any extra questions or concerns.

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