Currently I am buying Tibia Accounts and Tibia Coins.

How to sell Tibia Coins ?

Tibia Coins

Please contact me via livechat or email with your currently stock and form of payment you would like to get paid for them. Price is set for 8 $/250 Tibia Coins, based on my currently stock and form of payment, and will be completed right after i receive your coins.

If you would like to sell Tibia Gold, please provide me with information what server gold is located on, and how much do you have to set buying offer on it.

How To sell Tibia Account ?

Tibia Accounts


If you are interested in selling me your account I will need the following information about your account:
1. What server is the main character located on.
2. Level and vocation of main character.
3. Secondary characters (only with lvl 60+).
4. Single screenshot with EQ/Skills from main character.
5. Screenshot of last 6 months of payment history (>menage account>history>payment history).
6. Is the main character transferable using normal/express transfer.
7. Does the account have a clean criminal record or any entry’s (IF yes, what conduct lvl and how long until its gone).
8. Is the account registered on your real data and can you order new confirmation key, or do I have to change registration and do it on my own.
9. List of mounts/addon’s.
10. Price you are looking to get for it.
Screenshots should be uploaded on photobucket/imagur/gyazo or sent direct via email or livechat as jpg file.

~~Currently buying~~

Elder Druid

Elder Druid
  • Open PvP:     250-700  lvl's
  • Optional PvP: 250-650lvl's
  • Retro PvP:     250-600  lvl's
  • Preview PvP: 300-600  lvl's
  • Hardcore PvP:250-500 lvl's

Master Sorcerer

Master Sourcerer
  • Open PvP:      250-700 lvl's
  • Optional PvP:  250-700 lvl's
  • Retro PvP:      250-700 lvl's
  • Preview PvP:   300-600 lvl's
  • Hardcore PvP: 250-500 lvl's

Elite Knight

Elite Knight
  • Open PvP:       250-700 lvl's
  • Optional PvP:   250-700 lvl's
  • Retro PvP:       250-600 lvl's
  • Preview PvP:    300-600 lvl's
  • Hardcore PvP:  250-500 lvl's

Royal Paladin

Royal Paladin
  • Open PvP:        250-700 lvl's
  • Optional PvP:    250-700 lvl's
  • Retro PvP:        250-700 lvl's
  • Preview PvP:     300-700 lvl's
  • Hardcore PvP:   250-700 lvl's

~~Buying Rules~~

Buying Rules

1.Accounts are only paid when they are completely mine and safe. There are 2 ways in order to achieved this.
A) Direct with new confirmation key, account will be paid after 30 days once registration change process has been completed.
B) I will change registration and order new confirmation key on my own registration (You will receive payment after ~35-40 days). Considering it takes 30 days for registration change, then few extra working days to receive confirmation key; there is only a number of deals I can process this way at one time, and set mostly for higher lvls.
2. During registration change accounts will stay "frozen". I nor yourself will login to the account or use the account in any way. The account will stay in a “frozen” state until all rules have been followed. During this “frozen” state I will not list the account nor advertise the account for sell.
3. If the account is deleted during the “frozen” stage for botting and or other previous issues with the account then the trade agreement will be voided. (I will not pay for an account that is deleted before the registration change has been completed to myself).
4. If you order another confirmation key during registration change or “frozen” process the trade agreement will be voided.

~~ Payments~~


The following forms of payment are available after all “Buying Rules” have been followed:

  1. Verified company PayPal account
  2. National bank transfer (for Polish sellers)
  3. International bank transfer ( for UE sellers)