How to buy Tibia Gold ?

Tibia Gold

Just add amount you are looking for to cart and process steps to complete order. It is possible to buy KK's with a discount if a payments is made via Skrill, Neteller or Paypal gift. Transfers via Paypal gifts are possible just for customers from North America, Europe and Australia. Instant delivery if I am currently online! - Other way delivery may take up to 12 hours.

How to buy Tibia Coins ?

Tibia Coins

Tibia Coins orders are limited, accepting only payments completed via Skrill, Neteller, Western Union, PaySafeCards and PayPal gift payments from verified paypal accounts. Please contact me to receive direct payment details for Tibia Coins orders. Instant delivery if I am currently online! - Other way delivery may take up to 12 hours. Tibia Coins ordered via my page will be sent direct to your character, and are instant transferable (not blocked to your tibia account as the one bought via for 180 days), so you can use them both to pay any extra services on your account account, as also gift to other players or sell via in game market to receive tibia gold right away !

How to buy Tibia Account ?

Tibia Accounts

  • Before paying for any account please contact me first via Livechat/E-mail.
  • Always as first respond to any extra questions about account, to make sure customer know direct what is he paying for, then processing deal.
  • Im just buying/selling accounts, not offering direct switches one account for another.
  • Each account comes with a Registration changed and new Recovery Key, so they are safe to play since first day.
  • Each account comes with Equipment, starting cash and supply that are in pictures.
  • Once account is given to buyer with all details, there is no way to make instant refund for account in case buyer change his mind, however i could rebuy it with no problems, but first registration change on account should be completed and new confirmation key ordered. More informations about selling accounts to me could be found in How to Sell section.
  • All prices are set in USD, but its possible to pay also using other currency.
  • Paypal payments for accounts are limited just to verified paypal accounts, and transfers completed as family friends payments to avoid chargebacks. For expensive accounts accepting only payments completed via Western Union, MoneyGram and Bank Transfers.
  • All account details will be delivered right after i receive funds for it.